Healthcare providers

  1. If you are someone caring for high-risk patients like those living with Diabetes, Ischemic Heart Diseases, Cancers and chronic respiratory problems, you may consider moving to Teleconsultations. This is essential both for your safety, and that of your patients. Through attending physical consultation at the hospital or your clinic, these high-risk patients might catch COVID-19 with dire consequences
  2. The CoronaControlCoalition (Public Health Association and I.C.U. Healthcare) are offering a Telemedicine portal for you and your patients. In case you are considering to move online, please let us know your specific needs and the Coalition will try its best to meet your practice needs
  3. Please fill your practice-assessment form on this link. A helpline officer will call you back, with detailed information as needed. If you would like to talk to us, please dial our Helpline at 03111 333699 and press 6 for Teleconsultation platforms